Palladium Investment Opportunity

Palladium, like gold, silver and platinum, is a precious metal, as well as one of the six Platinum group metals.

Platinum Investment Opportunity

International refiners make it convenient for investors to own bullion by offering platinum bars in a variety of weights and sizes.

Silver Investment Opportunity

Throughout history, silver bullion has served mankind as a primary monetary metal. It is durable, divisible, convenient, has utility value, and cannot be created by fiat.

Gold Investment Opportunity

Gold bullion is real, honest money…and, many say, the best form of money the world has ever known. It is a store of value and a safe haven in times of crisis.

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Mission and Legacy

Our goal is to protect and grow your wealth in unstable markets with investments that stand the test of time. With honesty and integrity, our licensed commodity traders will guide you and your investments towards lasting wealth for you and your family for generations to come.

What We Offer

As experts in Commodity and Forex trading, we offer everything from educational materials, live market updates, an interactive trading platform and many other tools to help our clients navigate the global trading environment..

Get Expert Advice

Get Expert Advice

At Next Generation Asset Management one of our philosophy is education. It is our belief that informed investors make better decisions. To that end we take the time to speak on air every week via radio in the Canadian markets in hopes that you will find the information informative and helpful in making a knowledgeable investment decision. Sit back, enjoy the show, and thank you for listening.

We Offer the Most Dynamic Trading Products

We Offer the Most Dynamic Trading Products

Our platform offers real-time Forex and Commodity pricing, CFD, and Options trading in the same account and provides the Trader with the most comprehensive tools suite available today for a truly rich trading experience.Our multi-product platform combines custom workstation features with an all graphical user interface; providing traders with immediate access to much more information than ever before.

Commodity and Forex Options Trading

Commodity and Forex Options Trading

Commodity and Forex options are available for commodity channel trades, currency crosses, and Gold and Silver against the US dollar. An online trading account is an essential tool for the professional FX trader. Our trading platform supports same-account FX and Options trading.

Commodity and Forex Options Provide

Fractional Pricing up to five decimal points
Up to $5 million per click
Spreads as low as 0.5 pips
Instant execution and 24-hour trading
Mini, micro and standards accounts
Up to 500:1 leverage
Automated Trading with state of the art technology
Commodity and Forex Options for 80+ currency and commodity pairs with streaming quotes
Guaranteed execution of Take Profit orders, Stop Loss orders and Limit Orders
Multi-currency accounts in; Crude Oil, Unleaded Gas, Heating Oil, Lumber, Silver, Gold, Euro, US dollars, Swiss francs or British pound, and many many more!!!
24-hour technical support
Commodity, and Foreign Exchange (Forex or FX) options are options where the underlying product is a commodity or currency pair. We offer a “traditional” spot forex and commodity option contract which conveys the right with no obligation to buy or sell a specified amount of foreign currency at a specified price within a specified time period.


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Investments That Stand the Test of Time

Next Generation Asset Management is one of Canada’s leading leveraged precious metals brokers, investing in Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium. Our customers, whether institutional or private, take advantage of our extensive, up-to-the-minute high quality information, research, and proprietary analysis. In such rapidly moving markets there is no room for error. This is why we are committed to giving all our customers our undivided attention every step of the way. We extend a highly personal service to every customer. This combination of service, technology, flexibility and experience makes our service second-to-none.

Funding Your Account

Next Generation Asset Management has selected a well-respected clearing firm to hold your account and clear all bullion transactions. The firm uses only insured banking institutions to clear and carry our clients’ funds.
All checks and monies for your account are sent to our clearing member firm and not held at Next Generation Asset Management. Clearing member firms are subjected to strict financial requirements and Government regulations.

Movement Of Funds

The monies you pay for your bullion are transferred to the appropriate clearing house. Once your funds are transferred you are able to view your account online. Once you have purchased your bullion you will also be able to view all transactions online. Your Account Representative will assist you with the login process.

Your Next Generation Asset Management Representative

Your representative at Next Generation Asset Management is your eyes and ears to the marketplace. His / Her job is to keep you informed of market situations with respect to bullion. Next Generation Asset Management brokers utilize research developed internally by Next Generation Asset Management.

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